Frank Henry and the Zooband Band Go to Washington

A Children’s Book with a Grown-up Message

This is our second book I created a few years ago.  Frank drew all the drawings in the book, Uncle Dave colored his drawings, and I wrote the story.  It’s all about the “Power of Listening”.  

The Red and the Blue Teams are fighting … and you are going to laugh when I tell you why!  They are fighting over what shade of white to repaint the White House!

… and this fighting is happening right now in Washington, D.C.!  Why can’t the Red & Blue Teams just work it out!    We all need reminders!  Like I tell Frank when he’s not getting along with his friends,  “Just Work it Out”!

Our book is nonpartisan.  Lets send a reminder to all our Elected Officials in Washington!  Both the Red & the Blue Teams need to pull together and work together for us, the American People … and it starts with “Listening to one another”!

Our book has this great message and reminder.  Please enjoy reading our book and please share with all your friends and family!

As Bill Nye The Science Guy says, "Everyone you will ever meet know something you don't."


Frank Henry and the Zooband Band go to Washington   Copyright © 2020  Frank, David and Paul Kamish     All Rigths Reserved

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When You're Big and I'm Little

You Can Buy Me an Ice Cream Cone

This book is a day in the life of a boy (Frank) and his grandfather (Papa)!  Papa lives in the past, Frank in the future.  Old-Fashion vs. New-Tech.  The only time they truly see eye to eye is when they meet in the middle . . . the present!  

 The book is full of adventure, mystery and suspence. 

This new teen chapter book by Frank and Paul Kamish is entirely in rhyme and “chock-full” of old and new idioms

Idiom  noun

id·i·om | \ ˈi-dē-əm  \

: an expression in the usage of a language that is peculiar to itself either in having a meaning that cannot be derived from the conjoined meanings of its elements (such as “up in the air” for “undecided”) or in its grammatically atypical use of words

Our book is entirely made up of idioms and teen slang. There is an estimated 25,000 idiomatic expressions in the English language, but I thing there are many more.  You can barely get a sentence out without an idiom rollling off your tongue . . . (See, what I mean)

 New Teen Slang words are being added to our vocabulary daily. Because idioms and slang, (especially teen slang), is influenced by the times and rapidly changing culture, teen slang terms tend to go in-and-out of vogue much more quickly than idioms.  Throughout our book, we plan to use most of the 7500 idioms and 500 Teen Slangs words we have gathered.  

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Frank Henry and the Zooband Band go to Washington Page 16-17
Frank Henry Kamish Book One & Two
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