Notre Dame Art by Paul Kamish

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History with The University of Notre Dame and Artist Paul Kamish

In 2008, Kamish unveiled four high-relief sculptures known as The Spirit Collection, featuring The Golden Dome, The Basilica of the Sacred Heart, The Grotto, and The Four Horsemen, available in two sizes, including a limited edition series. The first piece of each sculpture was gifted to notable figures associated with the University of Notre Dame, including Fr. Jenkins, Fr. Rocca, Fr. Hesburgh, and Chuck Lennon.

Kamish collaborated with Charlie Weis on fundraising efforts for the charity Hannah and Friends.

In 2010, the University of Notre Dame commissioned Kamish to recreate the sculpture of Our Mother that stand atop the Golden Dome. His 42-inch sculpture of Our Mother gilded in 23.75kt gold is on display; one in the Development Offices and a second one in the Morris Inn. 

In 2011, Kamish created the Rudy Award for Rudy Ruettiger and the Kelly Award for the Kelly Cares Foundation, awarded to Regis Philbin at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

In 2019, he produced a 15-inch limited edition bronze sculpture of Our Mother, replicating the 42-inch version, and in 2021, a 16-inch replica of Fr. Sorin.

In the summer of 2022, Kamish collaborated with Jim Lefebvre and the Knute Rockne Memorial Society on a project to commemorate the 1924 Notre Dame Football National Champions through a significant relief sculpture, with the team embarking on the creation and funding of this endeavor.

By the summer of 2023, the project advanced to Phase I, focusing on detailed study drawings, and moved into Phase II with the development of a smaller 8-foot maquette sculpture, including Knute Rockne.

Early 2024 saw the completion of two Limited Edition versions of the Knute Rockne cast in both Bronze-Cast-Resin and Lost-Wax Bronze.

Four new sculptures are underway as part of the 1924 Project. These will update the original Spirit Collection sculptures (Dome, Basilica, Grotto & Four Horsemen) with Limited Editions set to be available in Spring 2024 in both materials.

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