Legendary Hands of Sam Snead

Life-Size Actual Grip and Shaft Sculpture Lost-Wax Bronze 

Marble & Cherry Wood Base 9″ x 14″

Artist Proof Available

Name Plate Signed by Sam Snead

COA Signed by Jack Snead (Sam’s Son) & Kamish

Note from the Artist

“In 1998 Sam’s son, Jack Snead, asked me if I would be interested to do a life-cast of Sam’s grip holding the golf club. I had just created a large relief sculpture of Sam’s likeness of his classic swing titled: Slammin’ Sammy. I agreed to do that and spent an afternoon at Sam’s home in Fort Pierce, Florida doing the life-cast of his grip. It was a great experience for me!

We asked the Golf Channel if they were interested in sending out a crew to document the event. Their producers jumped at the opportunity. They did a nice segment that aired that same evening on Golf Central!

The process for doing a life-cast is that I first needed to shave the hair from Sam’s hands and wrists so that the mold material would not pull his hair. Once he was shaven, I mixed up a 2 part silicon rubber and spread the material on his hands and wrists. This is a high grade mold material that is used to make prosthetic part and movie props. It takes such great details that you can see the ridges on fingernails and see fingerprints!  It then took about 15 minutes for the silicon to dry. This gave Sam a chance to tell a few stories and have a few laughs with us and the fellows from the Golf Channel.

After the silicon was completely dry, it was time to to remove the mold from Sam’s hands.  Another interesting story; Once the mold was dry, normally I would take an exacto knife and carefully cut a line down the back of the mold so the hands can come out. The other option is for the subject to put the hands from out of the top opening in the mold. The only challenge with that is that once the rubber dries, it sticks slightly to the skin and also creates a suction so it is very hard to pull the hands free from the mold.

Now mind you, Sam at this time was 86 years old. We offered both options. Sam would not even think about cutting them off. He pulled with all his might and tenacity and finally after a few minutes pulled his hand free! That determination is why this man won so many tournaments!

From this mold, a master copy is made and Limited Edition copies are created from this master. It creates an exact replica of his grip. For the final process, the hands are cast in a lost-wax bronze process and the end result is an exact replica of the Legendary Hands of Sam Snead.

The bronze is then mounted to a green marble and cherry-wood base. A description plate is mounted to the base and a signature plate with Sam Snead’s actual hand signed signature is mounted to the top of the marble. The sculpture comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that is signed by Jack Snead (Sam’s Son) and the Artist (Me)!”  What a great experience to cast the hands of one of the greatest golf grips in the history of golf!

Because I love the game of golf, I decide to donate my Artist Proof #1 of 30 to the World Golf Hall of Fame. I felt that that would be an appropriate setting for this piece of history!”

Paul Kamish

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