Paul Kamish: Capturing the Spirit of Notre Dame Through Art

In the hallowed halls of the University of Notre Dame, where tradition and excellence converge, the artworks of Paul Kamish stand as timeless tributes to this esteemed institution’s rich history. Kamish, with his unwavering commitment, captures the spirit of Notre Dame, making his creations more than mere pieces of art.

Notre Dame’s Guardian: Our Mother Sculpture

Among Kamish’s most awe-inspiring works is the 42-inch Our Mother Mary statue at the Development Offices and the Morris Inn, a precise replica of the revered statue that sits atop the Golden Dome. This labor of love not only mirrors the spiritual essence of the Notre Dame campus but also bridges the gap between the iconic landmark and its admirers. 

The positive reception of this majestic piece led Kamish to offer a 15-inch version, enabling Notre Dame enthusiasts to bring a piece of this spiritual ambiance into their homes. This smaller rendition allows fans to hold a tangible connection to Notre Dame’s profound legacy, right in their living spaces.

The Mini Our Mother: A Symbol of Devotion

The Mini Our Mother, a 7.25-inch masterpiece, offers fans a more intimate connection with Notre Dame’s tradition. It captures the grace and devotion associated with the iconic university.

Founders and Legends: Father Sorin and Knute Rockne Sculptures

Kamish’s portfolio dives deep into Notre Dame’s lore, featuring sculptures of founder Father Sorin and legendary coach Knute Rockne, whose contributions to the university’s legacy are immortalized in striking detail.

The Four Horsemen Relief: A Tribute at the Eck Visitors Center

The dynamic spirit of the famed Four Horsemen is forever captured in a relief sculpture, showcasing Kamish’s skill in bringing Notre Dame’s athletic heritage to life.


Notre Dame 1924: A Glimpse into Football Glory

A study drawing dedicated to the 1924 National Champions football team offers a window into a pivotal moment in Notre Dame’s athletic history, highlighting Kamish’s dedication to capturing the university’s glory.

Where Tradition Meets Artistry

For those seeking the essence of Notre Dame, Kamish’s artworks emerge as unparalleled gifts for graduations and other ceremonies. Each piece tells a story, resonating with the heart and soul of the university.

A Legacy of Art and Collaboration

Since 2008, Kamish’s Spirit Collection has celebrated Notre Dame’s iconic landmarks. His collaborative efforts, including with Charlie Weis for Hannah and Friends and creating awards for notable personalities, underscore his impact. The 2010 commission to recreate the Our Mother sculpture and subsequent creations further solidified his contributions to Notre Dame’s visual legacy.

By the summer of 2023, the 1924 Notre Dame Football National Champions project moved into a significant phase, with Kamish at the helm of creating a lasting tribute through sculpture.


Paul Kamish’s Notre Dame collection is more than art; it’s a bridge to the university’s storied past and a beacon for its future. To explore and acquire a piece of this legacy, visit Kamish’s website and bring the beauty and tradition of Notre Dame into your space.

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